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Parol AI auto-generates medical records in real time so you can focus on patients, not paperwork.

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  • Automatically generate basic medical records in English and Romanian.
  • Reduce time spent on manual note-taking
  • Free up more time to connect with patients

Accurate visit notes from exam room conversations.

Parol uses advanced security protocols to protect sensitive patient information. It listens to natural discussions between clinicians and patients, filtering out irrelevant content. Relevant clinical details are extracted and automatically compiled into accurate medical records for each encounter. This clinical intelligence allows physicians to review and finalize thorough visit notes with ease.

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Captures Natural Patient Conversations

Parol allows clinicians to engage in comfortable, natural conversations with patients without having to pause for note-taking. Its ambient AI securely listens to multi-party discussions and automatically captures meaningful details. Providers can stay focused on delivering compassionate care.

Creates Accurate Clinical Documentation

Parol's advanced AI converts details from patient encounters into comprehensive, compliant medical records. Custom-tailored notes are generated to match each clinician's specialty, style, and workflow. This reduces administrative burdens while enabling accurate coding.

Delivers Consistent, High-Quality Notes

By integrating medical knowledge with real-world experience, Parol produces consistent clinical documentation. Its adaptive technology learns each clinician's voice and patterns over time. Parol accommodates multiple formats and templates to optimize usability.

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    Transformational Improvements in Care Delivery

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    30% reduction in time
    spent on patient charting

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    in clinician burnout and
    fatigue symptoms

    #Effortless Documentation

    Conversations captured

    Parol listens in the background, extracting clinically relevant details as you engage with patients. Ambient AI understands medicine to optimize visit notes.

    #Records Finalized Instantly

    Automated charting
    in real-time.

    Parol instantly compiles comprehensive medical records from exam room discussions. Review and finalize accurate notes with just a click, keeping workflows seamless.


    • 60 medical files generated / month (15 / week)
    • Speaker change detection
    • 1 registered user
    • Basic email support
    • HIPAA compliance
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    100 EUR/mo
    • 200 medical files generated / month
    • Personalized medical file template
    • Speaker change detection
    • 1 registered user
    • Priority email support
    • HIPAA compliance
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    • Unlimited medical files / month
    • Personalized medical file template
    • Speaker change detection
    • Unlimited number of users
    • VIP support
    • HIPAA compliance
    • Integration with the clinic EHR
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    How does the free trial work?

    With Parol's free Lite plan, you get unlimited access to generate up to 60 medical records per month. Experience automated documentation.

    What if I exceed the monthly limit?

    If you reach 60 medical records in a month, you can seamlessly upgrade to the paid Plus plan for just 100 EUR/month. This allows 200 records per month. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel anytime.

    How do I pay for Parol?

    Parol.app offers flexible payment options including credit card, wire transfer. For custom enterprise pricing, contact sales.

    Can I change my Parol plan?

    Yes, you can easily upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your Parol plan at any point as your needs change. Our team is happy to help tailor the ideal plan for your practice.

    Still distracted during visits?
    It's time to reconnect with what matters.

    Parol Lite uses ambient AI to automate clinical documentation. Now clinicians can fully engage with patients again—not constantly focus on charting.

    Ditch the distraction. It’s free to start rebuilding meaningful patient relationships today. Strengthen bonds. Restore trust. Recenter your purpose.